My journey so far documenting weddings.

I am privilege to have documented a few weddings both home in Nigeria and while living in England. I started off photography shooting documentaries and fineart, because of my artistic background as a painter/graphic artist. I never really liked events especially wedding. Reason is I didn’t meet people who shoot weddings creatively, so for that reason I was uninspired. Most of the wedding photos I use to see then were nothing close to been creative until I started to see the works of people like Jeff Ascough, Catherine Leonard and also my good friends Skee, Jide Alakija and Kayode Martins (Xsightn), who pretty much pulled my attention to the fact that you can be as artistic as you want with any form of photography. I now enjoy documenting weddings a lot especially the traditional. The richness of the culture with the array of colourful attires make the event even more special. As much as I have realised that good equipments are an integral part of being a photographer, your ability to observe, and being able to capture rare and genuine moments stands you out. Here I have a compilation of some old works that represent what I have done so far in the past.  Enjoy and please leave comments. This will further help in my quest for creating better images.