Tunde Owolabi was born in Lagos, Nigeria.He studied painting under the tutelage of Professor Abayomi Barber, a renowned Nigerian artist at the University of Lagos, and later obtained a degree in Graphic Design from Yaba College of Technology. After his degree, Tunde became a freelance artist, a journey that led him to develop a keen interest in photography. He went on to study photography and photo retouching at the University of the Arts London.

Tunde worked as a designer at the research studios London under Neville Brody, English graphic designer, typographer and art director, working on accounts such as nickelodeon, Somerset House, Sofitel etc. On returning to Nigeria in 2009, he worked with Insight Communications, a most sought after advertising agency in Nigeria as an art director, working on brands such as Pepsi, Heineken, Mainstreet Bank, to mention a few.

He started Tunde Owolabi Studios in 2011, offering design and photographic services. Tunde left advertising in 2012, to start StudioMO, with a partner, while still running Tunde Owolabi Studios. He has since become a full time studio artist photographer and designer. He loves coffee, loves to travel, cook and most of all create.


TundeOwolabi Studios was created to bring together creatives who can collaborate to make the world better through creativity.


Group exhibitions

Lines and Colours (2003)

Inner Thoughts at the Nimbus African Art Centre (2004)

Working with Communities, a Guinness group exhibition (2004)

Gods of This Age at Didi Museum.

Solo exhibition:

African Elegance was at the Battersea Art Gallery, London (2009).

AsoOke – The Woven Beauty (2014)

His commissioned works can be found at the Hungarian Embassy and Nigerian Stock Exchange and private collections.

Publications: http://www.luerzersarchive.net/en/magazine/print-detail/boko-halal-56194.html