Oil Subsidy removal protest

The whole of Nigeria was brought to a stand still during the January 9th Labour strike to protest the removal of oil subsidy, Lagos streets were like ghost towns. Every business establishment was grounded, and people came out en mass to protest the unpopular policy by the government. As a photographer I had to give an eyewitness  report of events at the protest square which was a replica of the Tahir square protest in Egypt. Both young and old came out to show their discomfort and disapproval of the present government. People who came out to protest also included music artists, Nollywood stars, human right activists etc, to mention a few. They all had one voice and to cap it all, it was violence free. The police were seen around but the expressions on them was that of sympathy and support for the cause the people were protesting against. The atmosphere at the protest ground was replica of a concert or carnival. The musicians present, entertained people with music that were politically motivated, with the likes of Femi Kuti mentioning names of corrupt leaders, and referring back to when his father Fela Anikulapo Kuti was alive and fighting for this same cause years ago. It is obvious the government has failed the people with their unpopular policies, and the people, together with Labour congress will stop at nothing to protest and fight for their right, It will not be business as usual as any saboteurs will be punished. The images below will tell stories words cant. Also i will like you to read the response written by a friend to the president’s speech.

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