Fela on broadway

Fela in Lagos, the first musical broadway in this part of Africa. That was how the advert went but I was unsure of what to expect. The cast of the musical show was non Nigerian and this left me wondering, how non Nigerians go come show me Fela. Little did I know. I thought to myself, how will dey speak pidgin English, can anyone replicate the same kind of energy Fela had in charisma, music and personality. Can a non Nigerian do the kalakuta dance, can the ladies do the fire dance, how can they imitate the energy that comes from the shrine. My questions
were endless, until I got to the show. I was left in awe from the beginning to the end. The choreography and act was on point, although there were few glitches in some pronunciation, but they were forgivable. The crew had performed excellently, and I had been well entertained and impressed. Here are some images from the show, I hope they entertain you as well as I was, even though they are still images. Enjoy